Request for Prequalification - Detention Security System Upgrade

The proposed new systems will comply with the 2019 California Building Code, Title 15, Title 22, and Title 24 requirements and Contra Costa County Building Design and Construction Guidelines.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date1/21/22 9:00am

Bid Date2/18/22 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

Contra Costa County Public Works Department

Rich Avery   415-407-2958


Martinez and Richmond, CA

The Project, located in Martinez and Richmond, California, includes the upgrade and full integration of Security Surveillance Video, Intercom, and Door Control Systems at 1000 Ward Street, Martinez, and 5555 Giant Highway, Richmond. The following is intended to provide a general outline of the proposed project scope, components and generally anticipated program and operational requirements(quantities are approximate):

• Design-Build Entity (DBE) shall confirm overall vision with County stakeholders.
• Design-Build Entity will design and build a comprehensive, turn-key, and state of the art Security Surveillance Video Camera, Intercom, and Door Control Systems to replace their current security surveillance video camera, intercom, and door controls systems. The current systems are dated, components are failing and overly proprietary. The new systems at MDF and WCDF shall use new security surveillance video cameras, intercom, and door control systems with an intuitive approach and use the latest best in class audio-visual information technology systems with machine learning and AI capabilities.
• The Security Surveillance Video Camera & Intercom System will have the following:
o Both detention facilities shall have security system central control stations capable of fully integrating with the new and existing systems with IP (Internet Protocol)/Network and secure URL. This system should also be capable of remote management and viewing by the client and authorized users as necessary.
o The site must have on-site storage capabilities with enough storage for one (1) full year of twenty-four hour, seven days a week footage and compliant with CJIS regulations. The Contractor should supply a cost analysis for an optional cloud based storage system in combination with the onsite storage.
o The system must be non-proprietary and easily expandable/upgradeable to meet the facilities future needs.
o The system must be capable of supporting and incorporating the Future “Door Control” program.